• the commission

    The Commission

    Our Private Team of Analysts Made up of six industry giants, “The Commission” has over 75 years of combined experience in sports handicapping. Their exclusive picks have grown...

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    Red Club

    The Red Club is our most prestigious members’ only system, reserved for our biggest and most dependable clients. By using our exclusive insiders within the offshore gambling industry,...

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    Crossover Bundle

    Receive both NBA and College Basketball picks daily with our Crossover Bundle

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    Nick's Numbers System

    Mathematics is the language of the natural world. All systems follow rules, guidelines, formulas, and algorithms. Sophisticated mathematics is used in nearly every aspect of technology.  Software is...

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    3 Plays for $30

    Our hottest package of the NFL and College Football season is our 3 plays for $30 deal which is backed by our 2 out of 3 MONEYBACK GUARANTEE....

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Including 68% during the month of March

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nflWe are the service to end all services. No other sports investment service in the industry has as many systems and packages to make sure that YOU can find a specific plan to success. This is not a “one size fits all” industry and each client needs an individually tailored strategy to win. We have proven through a winning track record and a fiercely loyal clientele that there is a better way to gain an edge in sports betting.  Other services will OVER-CHAGE YOU FOR UNDER VALUED plays. Our highly accurate information network is the envy of the industry, providing more dependable insider knowledge. See why we have the highest client retention in the industry. See why our clients win more using our system than any our service. See why you will come back over and over to continue getting dependable, consistent consultation. Stop wasting your bankroll on the scammers and losers. Join Vegas Bankrollers today and count your success in $$$.

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The only sports handicapping service with close, personal ties to the odds-makers here in Las Vegas, our team ensures that you only get the absolute best possible line available. With a career winning percentage of 68% OVERALL, our service has ranked in the top 5 of online services for the last 6 consecutive years. Not only do we deliver consistently, but we deliver BIG, with our unique betting strategy that we personally advise and instruct each client to follow to ensure that they're maximizing their wins and knowing when to back down their bets on plays with less decisive information. forex automation software

Winter Winners

What’s the best way to stay warm this winter? CASH. It’s getting cold outside but we’re just starting to heat up! 68% overall in February. 23-9 in NCAAB Conference play. 6-2 in NCAAB underdog plays. 4-2 in our “Platinum” parlay NBA package plays (All three games or more), historically our most successful sport, and this is just the beginning. Don’t get left out in the cold. Turn your winter wonderland into a WINNER WONDERLAND.


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